The Learning Alliance

On-line Parents & Carers Q+A Sessions (18 and 30 June) – details including additional questions and answers from 18 June and a video of the session

The trustees of two of Cambridgeshire’s most successful and ambitious academy trusts, Cambridgeshire Educational Trust (CET) and Morris Education Trust (MET), are proposing that the trusts merge to become The Learning Alliance.

What is being proposed?

CET (which includes Chesterton Community College and Downham Market Academy) and MET (which includes Impington Village College and Witchford Village College) are both small multi-academy trusts in and to the north of Cambridge, with strong track records of excellence.  The proposal is to merge CET and MET to form an enlarged multi-academy trust.  The Chief Executive of the merged trust will be Lucy Scott, currently CEO of CET. Ryan Kelsall, principal of IVC, will be deputy CEO.

Why is the proposal attractive?  Why now?

The discussions between the trustees are the result of collaboration and a deepening relationship between Chesterton Community College and Impington Village College that began in 2017.  

As the discussions between the trustees progressed it became apparent to all of us that the combination of our schools and resources would create an organisation that could significantly enhance the quality of education provided for all students in our trusts by offering a broader curriculum and enhanced student support services. The combined trust will cover a geographically coherent area to the north of Cambridge.

Engagement with our stakeholders

The trustees would be delighted to answer any questions and benefit from any comments from parents, students, staff, our local stakeholders and wider communities.